Our Happy Place.


Come celebrate the best sunset view in Savannah, serving handmade drinks, fresh local seafood and lots of FUN!

Nestled in the marsh behind Tybee Island, on the shores of Lazaretto Creek, CoCo’s Sunset Grille is one of the very few restaurants located at an operating marina.  With perfect views of the river and marina, from our large patio you can watch the shrimp boats returning with the day’s catch as the sun sinks slowly over the marshes. And with a short trip from the docks to our kitchen, seafood simply doesn’t get any fresher than this. Just add an ice cold beer, or one of our unique tropical drinks, great music, and a few of your best friends, and you’ve got a recipe for Tybee living the way it’s meant to be.

At CoCo’s Sunset Grille, the locals will tell you, Fun is the very best thing to have.






1A Old US Highway 80
Tybee Island, GA 31410
At Lazaretto Creek Marina



Open Everyday 11a - 9p


Story of CoCo


Once upon a time, there was a monkey named CoCo, who lived on an island named Tybee. To the island’s east was the ocean, and to its west was a creek carved out from a vast plain of marsh that would flood with the high tide.

Early every morning, all the animals of Tybee Island would gather on the beach to watch the sunrise. But CoCo the monkey liked to sleep in. By the time CoCo was awake, all the other animals were already coming back from the beach and would tease him for sleeping so late. By the time it got dark, all the other animals were already asleep in their beds and CoCo the monkey often found himself alone.

One day, CoCo the monkey decided to visit the west end of Tybee Island, where over the marsh he saw the most amazing of sights: the sunset. Word spread quickly around the island that CoCo had discovered the sunset, and it wasn’t long before some of the other animals joined him. And so every day, all of his friends would gather together at CoCo’s new house to eat and drink and watch the sun setting over the marsh. And that is the story of how CoCo the monkey came to live on the west end of Tybee Island with all of his friends, including the sun.